We're so glad you came to our website! Whether you're hungry or hurt, lonely or lost, full of questions or looking for a home, there's a place for you at St. Paul's. For over a hundred and sixty years we've been committed to serving one purpose: To Make Up There Come Down Here, God's Will Being Done, God's Kingdom To Come! (Matthew 6:10) Whether you're already a part of our family or coming through our doors for the very first time, you'll find a place for learning, celebration, community, and encouragement ... a place for you.


Thanks for taking a couple of minutes to check out St. Paul's. One of the core values of St. Paul's is the radical welcome! Everyone is welcome in this church. St. Paul's isn't a building, it's a group of people who have devoted themselves to let God transform them. It really is amazing what can happen when all sorts of different people come together to worship, to serve and to follow Jesus. We hope to see you at church sometime soon.


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